How will I know what to say?

It is challenging for most people to talk about themselves. But your Sports History Page is no place to be shy. This is where you want to shine! So where to begin?

That is why the format is your friend. Begin at the beginning. Tell us about you and your family, brothers and sisters– but keep this section brief and to the point, as if you are writing a newspaper article, with the vital information first. Where were you born and raised? Tell us your reason why you are passionate about your sport. Give more detail as you go down the page. When it is published we will put the beginning at the bottom of the Story page. On top of that will be your earliest team experience... Next comes your Freshman year of High School, then your Sophomore year, and so on through Junior and Senior years. And hopefully if we are successful, you will be adding your college experience in the same way and so on into your professional sport career. Your ProFile Page will chronicle your entire sport history!

But what to say? Your Bio is the place to brag a little. Lead with your best achievements. Were you playing at the Varsity level in your Freshman Year? Or Sophomore year etc... When did you letter? What awards have you won if any?

Intangibles – Are very important. Intangibles are some of your other interests to show that you are a well- rounded individual. This is a great place to list your community service, things you do for others, other interests you have or charitable involvement. Recruiters for college are looking for candidates with good character, who they will be proud to represent their educational institution.

Grades – It is highly encouraged to display your GPA and provide proof of your grades with access to your school transcripts. ProFile makes this easy. With the push of a button in the on-boarding form, an e-mail will be sent to your school requesting your transcript be sent to you by e-mail. If your school is not yet registered with ProFile Sports, you will be asked for the e-mail address of your school administrator. When your school administrator replies to your request, ProFile should be copied. The profile system will remind you to forward the transcript to us if the school administrator does not comply or if the Transcript was mailed to you as a hard copy. Once ProFile has received a copy of your transcript, the system will create a PDF file of your transcript which will be made available to authorized College Recruiters or Scouts. If you have any questions or concerns about the automatic transcript request system, you can contact us at CustomerService@profilesportsapp.com. If you have any concerns about privacy you may refer to our privacy policy (link to http://www.profilesportsllc.com/terms.php)

Get started

Download this outline

1. This outline has all HTML code already in it, just replace the highlighted areas with your information. Don't change any of the code between the (< >) carrot symbols..

2. When you are done editing, just copy all(Ctrl+A), and paste into the text-field toward the end of your registration on-boarding form. And click the update now button. Your biographic information will appear in the second page of your history pages nicely formatted.

3. Next you will want to add action photos to your gallery and videos ...See Next