Stats are located on third ProFile page

Athlete season stats are on the third page of your ProFile ProFile if you have up-graded to the paid subscription. – Your direct address is: which was provided to you when you registered. Any athlete in our system can be searched for and found in the “PROFILES > Find Athletes” drop down under the ProFiles tab on the website, or by going to this link:

When you see your name and photo on the index page, click on either the picture or your username and it will take you to your full “Pretty” ProFile with History, Stats, Action Photos and videos (if you uploaded them). See Example: This direct URL: the address you will copy and past into your letters of interest when you are applying to colleges. Simply advance through your pages by clicking on the next or previous button and you will find your stats, with the most current season first on the third page of your personal sports history.

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