Uploading Photos and Videos

Two Different Kinds of Images

Your "Hero" Main image and Your Gallery

Adding photos to my bio page

How to upload my Bio Picture
On your Bio Page you have your main image, which we call your "Hero" image. You also have a gallery section - a collection of action shots. And there is a fourth page to display your highlights video.

The video at top left is a brief tutorial on exactly how to install Your Main Bio photo. But let's talk a little about the type of image to select. Your Bio page is not only useful for presenting your achievements to recruiters to compete for scholarships. It is also a living document that should be linked to your name wherever it is mentioned on the internet, in your facebook pages, Instegram...everywhere. It will be up to you to make sure your information is easy to find. Any time you do something news-worthy, this page is where the media will go to find your story, your photos and your stats. By making the job of recruiters and REPORTERS job easier, you will be essentially taking control of your public image right from the beginning. Something many professional athletes probably wish they had done.

Selecting the best "Hero" image

The first and most important is what we call your “Hero” picture. This is the image of you that will appear on the front page of your bio. We cannot stress enough how important the quality of this photo matters. This first impression may never be more important to your career. That is why we are going to go into some detail about how to get a quality image. It may not only be your first impression to college coaches, but the media will be using your Bio page site as their primary source of information about you anytime you do anything news worthy. And that IS the whole point - is it not? To present - to the best of your ability you will link it to your name wherever your name is mentioned on the internet. this will be your public relations image centre, so you might as well start now - in controlling your public image.

You may want to use an action image or portrait of you in your uniform as your primary photo for your Bio page. If you select an action photo, it needs to be sharp, high resolution and with you dominant in the shot. Think: “Cover of Sports Illustrated” when you make your selection. Your face must be recognizable. If you use a portrait image, we recommend the formal individual shot taken of you for your team poster photos or yearbook. The image must be at least 500 pixels wide when cropped.

The “hero” images in your ProFile Bio page will be cropped square. Most portraits are vertical, so you will have the opportunity to crop your image instantly once it is imported into our system. We will walk you through that step in the video. That is why it is important to start with an image that is large enough and of high quality. The image must be digital, and if it is on your computer, was taken with your phone at high resolution, or a digital camera you are ready to go. If you only have a printed photograph, you will need to have it scanned. We recommend starting with as large an image as you can, for example a 9x12” portrait photo can be scanned at 72 dpi or for a smaller image like a 5 x 7 scan at 300 dpi, so the screen resolution will end up no less than 500 dpi. Save the finished file as a JPG or PNG and put it on your computer somewhere you can find it. If this is confusing or you need assistance you can always get help at support@profilesportsapp.com

So locate and image that you can use for your main (hero) photo, and follow the step-by-step in the video to import it into your bio page.

Adding photos to my bio page

Add Photos to your Gallery

The next opportunity to display action images is in your Photo Gallery. Again, the purpose of this gallery is to provide a convenient resource for local newspapers and media to choose an image that you deem acceptable to represent the kind of image you want to portray. This in not the place for posed shots with your friends or goofy images. There are pleanty of other social media sites for that. (And even then, if you are seriour about your athletic career - you will take care with what you post, or is posted about you). When you are making your selection, think again, whould I be proud to have this image printed in Sports Illustrated?

Once you have images that you want to display in your gallery, simply go to your registration On-boarding form provided in the confirmation email we sent you, or by going to the PROFILES > Find Athletes tap at the top of this website, search to find your image and LOGIN. There is an Update your pictures link toward the bottom or the page that looks like this...

Adding photos to my bio page
When you click the link, you will open the "browse to select" feature. You up-load the photos from your computer that you would be proud to see in the newspaper. Because your gallery will be an excellent resource for the media to find images and information about you. This is definitely not the place for goofy photos. There are plenty of other social media sites for that. You may be very early in your athletic career, but learn from the mistakes others have made. It is best to start managing your public image now!
Adding photos to my bio page
When you see the name of the photo you selected listed below, click on the Start Upload button. This adds the photo to your gallery. It will be displayed on the fourth page of your bio pages. You can add as many photos as you like or delete or update your photo gallery any time. Just log in using the same username and password you set up, and scroll down your dashboard, click on the "update photo" link again and select the trash can icon next to the photo to delete it.

Adding video to your ProFile Bio pages

Near the end of the registration On-boarding form there is a YouTube Highlight Video field available that allows you to paste a YouTube link to display on your public video Bio page. It does some cool things: - As you copy and pastes the link (or type it), we dynamically check YouTube to verify that it is in fact a valid YouTube video. It shows an error warning if not, or displays a thumbnail of the video when it is valid. This should help confirm that you are pasting in the correct link.

- Videos on YouTube need to be marked as public and embeddable so that we can show it on your Bio page. We check for these settings to make sure and warn you if it is not.

- If you do not put a video link into this form field, the last page of your Bio page will not appear, and you Bio page will end with the Photo Gallery. You can still add a video at any time, and then the page with the video player will automatically appear.

Add Video Highlights Reel

For an even better impression, you may choose to add a 90 second Video Bio which will appear on the front page or your ProFile. Click here for an outline and check list to be sure you include the required information. Here you will find instructions on how to create a selfie-Video that covers all the basic info.

Public View of finished bio

Follow the instructions to post your video on YouTube and embed the URL address into the form field box in the ProFile Sports on-boarding form. More tips about making a quality YouTube Bio Video can be found by clicking here or going to the Uploading Photos and Videos drop down menu under the FEATURES Tab on the ProFileSportsapp.com website.

Public View of finished bio

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