Score keeping on iPad

There are many advantages to keeping score using technology instead of the old fashioned method of paper and pencil.

  • Provides your coach with superior information
  • Eliminates data entry and reporting final scores
  • Reduces human error
  • Information is available real-time

Keeping score with the use of technology reduces the likelihood of errors being recorded during the game, because it takes less time to touch/enter than writing by hand. The statisticians eyes are off the game less frequently. Digital score keeping is easier to learn than keeping score manually, and automates reporting to repositories such as MaxPreps. If there is no WIFI available, the device will store the data collected and up-load it as soon as an internet connection is restored. Shot charts (as shown below) provide insights your coach can use to turn the momentum of a game. It has been proven that teams who embrace technology gain a distinct advantage, resulting in more wins.