Your on-boarding dashboard view

After you have Gone to your e-mail, and clicked the link to verify your e-mail address, the link takes you to a request to set up a password. Be sure to make a note of your username and password and keep it somewhere safe. You will need it again later to edit or add photos and videos to your ProFile Pages. Select SET PASSWORD. This opens a more in-depth form that will automatically build your ProFile Micro-Site content as you answer the questions. You will know all the answers, because this is all about you and your experience in your sport. Please avoid using special characters like hyphens or apostrophes in your user name – as they confuse the program. Also, do not have any spaces in your username.

Public View of finished ProFile

ProFile Pages will need to be formatted in the standard order that Recruiters are accustomed to with the most recent accomplishments at the top and working down chronologically. This organization will make you and your information easier to assess quickly. This is all about making the recruiters or scouts job streamlined. So making headings bold, using bullets where applicable, italic etc. can all be done in the on-boarding form. No html code needed.

Your dashboard view to revise

The on-boarding form is quite user friendly and you can probably set up your ProFile page in just a few minutes, but if you need to stop and come back later you can, just hit the save button in the lower right. When you come back, log in or go to ACOUNT in the menu if you are still logged in. This will take you back to this 3 button main menu of the on-boarding form. Select the Update Your Profile button. Your Athlete ProFile Micro-Site will not "go live" (be seen by anyone) until you select the ALLOW FOLLOWERS and the MAKE ProFile PUBLIC switches to YES. You may not want to share your ProFile page until you have your "hero" photo in place, your sports history written and everything filled out the way you want it.

Your dashboard view to revise

You can make additions or edits any time. In fact your ProFile Page is a living document, you can edit, add to or correct as often as you want. Each season, you will want to add and update your recent achievements, awards and next level of play, i.e: moving from JV to Varsity team or from Sophomore year to you Junior year...If you forget your Username or password you can request a password reset to be e-mailed to you.

Add Video Highlights Reel

For an even better impression, you may choose to add a Highlights Video of some of your best moments, which will appear on the last page or your ProFile... See Pricing to add Highlights Video Or you may want to introduce yourself with a Selfi Video...Click here for an outline and check list to be sure you include the required information. Here you will find suggestions on what to say in a selfie-Video that covers all the basic info.

Public View of finished ProFile

Follow the instructions to post your video on YouTube and paste the URL address of your video into the form field box in the ProFile Sports on-boarding form. More tips about making a quality YouTube Athlete History Story Video can be found by clicking here or going to the Uploading Photos and Videos drop down menu under the FEATURES Tab on the ProFileSportsapp.com website.

Public View of finished ProFile

... Next write your ProFile

Don't have a video highlights reel but wish you did?...Get one