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ProFileCover ProFileStats ProFileSports ProFile Athlete Website + Shot Charts and Stats + Full-Length Game Videos play right inside your own website.
No distractions, Ads other Athlete websites to filter through. Your website is dedicated to showcasing only you.

Get a ProFile Athlete website and launch your career

How To Video
iPAD Camera

You need video!

Everyone tells you that you have to have game footage and highlight videos, but who's going to do that for you? And how are they going to get to the college recruiters you want to see them?

Filming sports is what we do. We see a lot of parents in the stands trying to get game video with their cell phone. Balancing between cheering, and shouting encouragement... then the crowd erupts into applause and stomping of feet.

The result when you play back the video - it's jiggly and unprofessional. Not the kind of impression you want to make to colleges.
Plus, your high school sports experience happens only once. Your parents deserve to simply enjoy the moment, and watch you play. We'll take care of the game video, and when we do you will also get the game scored, with shot charts and a showcase website with everything colleges want to see.

It all starts with setting up your ProFile...

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  • Select Your Video Package

    • Premium ProFile

    • $19.99

      or 3 mo./$55.00 per Season or $220.00 Annually
    • With Game Video Provided by Team

      with Full-Length Game Videos
    • Individual Shot Charts
      From each game
    • Action Photo Gallery Shared with the Media
    • VIDEO Page
      For Your YouTub Highlights
    • Ongoing Tips & Tricks Assistance
    • 24/7
      Free Support
    • Verified GPA Option
      with Parents Authorization
    • Payment Options:
    • Choose Subscription
      Athlete's Name
      Team Name and Jersey No.
    • Family Plan
      Shot-Charts & Videos

    • $29.99

    • 2 Athlete ProFiles
      with Game Videos Provided by Team

    • Your VERIFIED STATS Feed
    • Highlight VIDEO
      From Your YouTub Video
    • Action Media Gallery Digital Scrapbook
    • Optional Game Videos
    • Ongoing Tips & Tricks Assistance
    • 24/7
      Free Support
    • Payment Options:
    • Choose Subscription
      Athlete 1 Name and Team
      Athlete 2 Name and Team

    • High School &
      Club Game Videos

    • $50.00

    • First Game Video Per Day/Location Includes Stats, Shot Charts and Game Report for Coach

    • High Definition VIDEO
    • Published to Private YouTube Channel
    • For Both Home & Visiting Team
    • Player Shot Charts Both Teams
    • 24/7
      Free Support
    • Payment info:
    • Full Length Game Videos
      Game Date/Time/Team/Jersey No.
      Email to send video/Phone No.
    • Highlight Video

    • $199.00

    • (includes copyright free music)

    • Edited from Provided Video
    • Includes Title Graphics
    • IncludesFeatured Stats
    • Up to 3 Revisions
    • Videography Available
    • 24/7
      Free Support
    • Deliver to:
    • 1 MixTape w Music
      Game Date/Time/Team/Jersey No.
      Email to send video/Phone No.
    *Custom videos can be produced by ProFile Sports including camera operator on location, editing and hosting for an additional charge and will be estimated on a case-by-case basis.


    Registration is required for authentication. After registering you will receive an e-mail from ProFile Sports to confirm your e-mail. If you are ordering your ProFile with Game Videos, or a Family Plan, we will register for you. You will still need to confirm your email. If you do not receive our authentication e-mail in a few minutes, please check your spam filter and move the e-mail to your in-box, then hit "confirmed". Please add ProFile Sports to your address book in case we need to contact you in the future. ProFile will never share your e-mail or any other information without your explicit authorization.