What do "Y" want?

What do “Y” Want ?

Millennials, the Echo Generation, Gen Y whatever you call them, they are our children (age 15 – 28) high school through college age and are now the largest, most diverse generation in the US population according to the Federal Report from the Council of Economic Advertisers October 2014. This is why businesses are trying to figure out what motivates them and what they will purchase. Our economy depends on figuring it out. Seems like they run contrary to every traditional marketing approach. As their parents all we want to do is see them become successful and happy citizens.

But they don’t seem to be motivated by the same things we were. They have been shaped by and have influenced the shape of technology their entire lives and are hip to our tricks. Thankfully we have some common ground in the fact that they value community, family and creativity. And they are going about life in a much more constructive way than perhaps we did in the 60s and 70s. Instead of protesting, they are volunteering to make a difference. Millennials are much more driven than the previous Generation X, but what motivates them most is freedom!

As adults, we know that freedom isn’t free, and this is why we are knocking ourselves out to provide our kids with opportunities, and an education that will help them land that dream job, so they can afford the freedoms they desire and just be happy.

We hope that they do not become one of the 85% of millennials who move back in with parents after college
or the 55% who are unemployed or under employed. This Y generation has it tougher than most. They were born into prosperity and will graduate into economic down-turn. But they are resilient and to be admired for their grit.

So we parents are as supportive as we can be. We became soccer moms. We are dedicated fans and boosters. We pay for Club and Tournaments and sports clinics and cheer them on from the sidelines with the hope that this investment will reap some return in happiness and hopefully in the financial quotient in the form of an athletic scholarship to help pay for the cost of a college education.

The foundation of Higher Education is shifting too. More of academia is moving on-line. Concierge education is emerging where we can now pick and choose from coaches and mentors in every kind of discipline to design our own education. Paying only for the things that interest us. Or for an advantage in studying under the expert authority. But thank God, there will always be sports! And sports is a growth industry that has never suffered a downturn. In fact the number of teams are growing in a controlled way thanks to the league systems that works to keep the games interesting and fair. They hold audience attention by tweaking the rules and fans seem to be responding by their willingness to pay every higher ticket prices.

Traditional Colleges and Universities remain the widest avenue to the Pros. Where there is time to be seen playing at a higher level, grow in strength and maturity and get used to performing on a larger stage. And though only something like 2% of high school graduates will play at a division one university, there is still room and on average $4 million dollars remains available in scholarship money each year for more athletes. Smaller universities, state schools and community colleges are looking for good athletes and are a viable option to get a quality education. That is why we exist. To help your athlete find their place and live the dream.

Because at every level there is success and the satisfaction that comes when you make the team. Enjoy playing your sport whatever it is, wherever it is and we will be here cheering you on. Supporting your efforts and showcasing the results.

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