Will you #DeleteFacebook and take up Sports?

We thought social media was going to unite us, but as it turns out it has only served to turn us against one another as cyber- bullies entrench in polarizing political battles. The fires of hatred have been stoked automatically and constantly by algorithms designed to feed us more of only the things that it believes we are looking for. Like dining only on junk food will destroy your health, reinforcing what they think we want to hear. Some notorious social media venues are interfering with our enjoyment of real relationships with our true friends and family. Who has not had to bite their tong to keep peace at home or social gatherings lately? Collectively we have lost our ability to debate or have an honest conversation about hot-button topics.

Denzel Washington – in a recent interview said; “If you don’t think you are addicted to social media, try turning it off for just one week.” We have all become addicted and we need a re-set he challenged.

Maybe we should all unplug more often? If you are concerned about what damage is being done to our families, our children’s minds, and the fabric of our society, not to mention our own personal need for constant approval in the form of a thumbs up emojis or likes and follows. Unhook and see how much more time you have for real relationships.
If you do, what will you do with all the time this frees up in your life?

We at ProFile Sports suggest taking up a sport.
We are passionate about sports because it is not only good for your body, it channels that extra energy that some people think of as hyperactivity. Instead of medicating it – channel it into competitive sports. Make friends of team-mates. Join the YMCA or look for an athletic center near you. There are so many benefits, and unlike the artificial emotions triggered by social media, the bonds you make in team sports can grow into lifelong friendships. The real kind.

Athletic activity has so many health benefits. It clears your mind, will improve your concentration and make sleep more restful. The growing pains of teen years can be allayed with sports. Particularly good for girls. There is nothing better than team sports to take the focus off of oneself and train your mind to think about the team. The goal. The whole rather than the self.

Thankfully one of the last safe topics of conversation has always been sports! Sports has been a long time remedy for having nothing to say. It’s a safe topic that even fathers and sons can talk about. A great icebreaker when meeting someone new. Common ground and a refuge in times of turbulence. This nation embraced baseball during the great depression to take our minds off of our financial troubles. And with all the political angst on TV lately we could use a distraction.

An alternative place to go for watching sports is Hometown Networks. It a place you can get to on any smart device to turn for a political free zone, and a way to share wholesome local sports Hometown Networks.TV is the newest channel created by Bill Rasmussen the founder of ESPN, and ProFile Sports is a preferred content partner. Instead of professional or NCAA level college sports, this new network; Hometown Networks focuses on local sports, from little league to senior golf tournaments. Learn more about how to get your sport on Watch all kinds of sports from Wheelchair rugby to club basketball. Game videos are coming in from hometowns all across the country.

Remember it’s never too late. Golf is a wonderful sport that can be enjoyed well into our golden years, Pickleball is the fastest growing sport for the very young and old. So hang up your phone and pick up a sport. When you do, HTN Sports will be there to record it, so you can enjoy watching something worth talking about.

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