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Trophies. Do They Really Matter?

The long drive home with no new hardware (Trophies) to show for an excellent effort this past weekend, dulled the spirits palpably of the team. ProFile Sports was hired to travel with the West Valley Warriors last week to Tucson to video record games and Live Stream them for the parents who could not join us. This is a new service we are working on perfecting, and will offer to everyone once we have stabilized the wifi signal strength issues. So stay tuned for that announcement.
Asleep Asleep
Meanwhile, we arrived in Tucson thinking we had been invited to a tournament – only to find out on day two, that there was not going to be any championship games, and there were (((no trophies)))! Only an exhibition match. And while entertaining – as it was a very good showing; Click here to watch the game The mood of the players had noticeably changed. Which was how I learned about the situation, and I wondered if this news was going to effect their efforts in the last few games. But true-to-form, and to the credit of their coaches; Tamica Goree, Coach Mike Sabur and Coach Jackson the West Valley Warriors won every game but one. The games on Sunday were won by the Warriors CROWN, CLUTCH and PLATINUM teams (the latter in the last few minutes after a fast paced back and fourth battle).

Whether the lack of awards was just the result of some confusion at registration or a cost cutting measure, even the high school boys had to admit it was a little disappointing to go home with nothing to show for their efforts.

Some parents that I have spoken to apparently don’t understand the point of all the trophies. Complaining; “They just stack up and collect dust in their room” or “We have them all over the house! – why do we need one more?” But if you ever rode the team bus home after a less than stellar performance, you would understand. And somehow it may even be worse to have earned the top seed but return home with no prize. Not even a tee shirt to commemorate that hey “We were here!” We came, and we conquered”!

Video Service

This is another reason why ProFile Sports is honored to film and publish your game videos for you. Not just for posterity, but to provide fans and players with their game videos to relive the glory that truly belongs to the winners. And more importantly, to provide a great coaching tool to help athlete’s improve their game. Check out this example to see the stats, shot charts and full high-definition game videos that play right inside every athlete’s own website.

Video Service Example ProFile

If you are interested in having your own Athlete ProFile Website, it starts by registering here. Just fill out the registration form and all we need is game video. Whether we film it for you, or you provide video to us (as some parents do) we score your games from the video and automatically publish them to this professional presentation for you to use to apply for scholarships, or just to keep and enjoy. Share your games with relatives and friends as long as you are a member. We never purge your data – even if you pause or cancel your subscription, your first two pages will continue to display. When you are ready to turn it back on, your game film and stats will expand again, ready to pick right back up on your career whenever you want to continue. If you have questions, we welcome your call to 602-672-7327

Until then, keep up the hard work. And keep the dust off those trophies.

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