Tour Your Athlete's Future

Take a Tour of your Athlete’s Future

Would you like to see your son or daughter go to college? Of course you would.
But if you are like many parents today, recent downturns or family economics make paying for our children’s continued education seem nearly impossible. Award
How would you like to see them EARN a scholarship for their good grades? – Of course – who wouldn’t?

Are you depending on them to earn a college education themselves with their good grades, work study or student loans? Heaven help us, haven’t we all had enough of paying for student loans?
So, at what age do you start preparing them for this reality?
Do you wait to start encouraging them in their Junior year of high school? Or is kindergarten too soon? Middle School?
When is the right time to begin focusing on their grades?
Award Why ARE grades so important? Because it measures success. It helps in determining who gets the scholarships and who does not. Just like keeping score in sports. Stats are used to help measure success and where an athlete needs to focus to improve their sills.
Right now, your son or daughter is learning to play the game of basketball… because they love it.

And if they are playing on a Club team you are probably paying a very good coach to help teach your athlete how to play the game better.
Wouldn’t it be nice, if the skills they are learning now can help to pay for their college education later?

Perhaps they are just starting. They just want more playing time, or to make their High School team…When should they start improving?

Should they wait till their junior year to try out for their high school team? What is the likelihood that they will ever play in college if they take that rout?

Now, flash forward…imagine your son or daughter showcased like a professional athlete. There is a website all about them –
With amazing action photos, videos, their entire life story unfolded. It talks about the tournaments they have won and it talks about their academic achievements. It shows every shot they ever attempted and made – going way back, and it has tons of video – not just highlight reels, but full–length game videos and all the stats that you normally see on professional athlete profile pages.

Even if your son or daughter doesn’t know if they want to go to college yet. You can share every game they play with relatives who live across the country? Or parents who travel for work can see an entire game any time a wifi is available? Would that be desirable?

With a tool like this you could see how your athlete is developing from one game to the next…
From one season to the next…
And maybe from their club team… to their high school team… to their college team.

And what if this showcase could help them compete for a college scholarship?
What would something like that be worth?

There are lots of services similar to this… some costing thousands of dollars per year.
When does it become worth it?
When should you start preparing?

How about right now? – because what I just described is exactly what we do at ProFile Sports
And here is how we do it….

ProFile Page
The first page of your athlete’s website is the basic physical information.
How old
What grade
How tall…
What team do you play on? Etc…

Tell your story. List Awards and GPA
The next page is their history – not only in their sport, but a little about your family. When did he/she start playing basketball and why did he/she choose this sport to focus on?
What do coaches say about them?
What awards have they won?
What other things is he/she interested in? These are referred to as intangibles, and this is very important information.
But the most important piece of information is what is their Grade Point Average?
Sports History Page
These two pages are available to all of you right now – for free – Just for reading this blog. Go to and register. It is yours to keep…
Forever. You can leave these pages live, or you can make them private. It is up to you.

But, if you are going to use it, We ask you to complete the registration process FULLY and write your athlete history. It is an excellent exercise. If it remains incomplete – We will turn the page to “private”. (Invisible to the public). We never purge your information, but we do not allow ProFiles without photos and we will make private any who do not care enough to fill out the History section. Because we want ProFile Sports to be a valuable resource of information for high school and college coaches and recruiters to find the players they need to fill out their rosters.

Sports History Page
Action Photo Gallery/Digital Scrap-book
Now you might think that this sort of thing is only for elite players. But in fact, sometimes recruiters are not looking for elite players. Because with the elite player too often comes an elite ego.
Actually these showcases are designed for the above-average player – who plays with heart – and wants to get better.
Our job is to help them become the best athlete they can be, and to make the best impression so they will be remembered.
This page is for the media – if there is ever an article written about the team or your athlete in particular. This is a good place to start learning how to control their public image.

Sports Video highlights Page
Video Highlights
On to the video highlights page. You can make your own video, or hire us or another media company to produce one if you so choose. There are different opinions about the value of a “mixed tape” video.
If you are not a fan, this is an excellent place to showcase his/her best game footage. That will be a requirement of any interested coach.
But how do you know when they are going to have their best game?
Are you going to be the one filming it that day?

Verified Stats
This is the feature that separates ProFile Sports from the other options you may have heard about.
What you are looking at is every game this athlete has played. Going back to when they first enrolled with our program. And these are verified stats. Tamper proof. That means that coaches can trust them. It they are interested in taking a look at your son or daughter to consider them as a prospect? Having verified stats will give them the confidence to take the time and money to come out to see them play in a tournament or a showcase game.


Individualized Shot Charts
Now here is the learning tool for your athlete- to home in on areas of his/her game that he/she wants to improve on. Every line of scores – which displays all seventeen of the statistics that you usually see on professional or college profiles – are available here including two custom stats that your coach can specify.
Your player just clicks on the game he wants to review, and his individual shot chart appears showing every attempted shot, and every one that was made.

By clicking through the list, they can see a pattern if one is developing, or measure improvement. Now he/she and coach can make informed decisions about what aspects of his/her game to focus on
Or use it to plan strategies for upcoming games.

In-line Full-Length Game Videos
And here is the coolest newest feature – each game and shot charts are associated with the corresponding full length game-video. Just click the video button and view the full-game. You can even enlarge it to full screen.
Imagine what a powerful learning tool this will be for your son or daughter– to see their performance replayed on demand.

So you are spending time and money – because your athlete loves this sport. Why not give them the tool that will make him/her understand the game, and become the best player he/she can become in the process? Check out the options here ProFile Packages or give us a call at 602-672-7327 to find out how your Club or school can get profiles for your team.

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