ProFile Sports using Go-Pro Technology to score games

We shoot…We Score!!!

ProFile Sports has been experimenting for some time now with supplying full-length game videos along with our shot charts and stats provided in our athlete profiles. Turning to Go-Pro seems like a good solution. Everybody loves the HoopStats score keeping app that we use to provide the stats automatically in athlete ProFile pages. Coaches love the stats and shot charts to help plan new strategies. But the question always comes down to “who is going to input the data?

We know the app is fun and easy to use, but who can follow the team and do this for every game? It was relatively easier when we launched the service in November concentrating on a hand-full of high school teams. We got high marks on user experience because at the high school level there is often an assistant coach or an equipment manager who can be assigned the job of score-keeping. But since bringing our service to club-ball we are learning that there are simply too many games and not enough assitant coaches to handle the task – even though the value of the information is great. And it is hard to ask parents to help with score-keeping. Parents deserve to enjoy watching their athlete’s play. We knew we were on to something good – but we needed a solution. That is when we came up with the idea to bundle the benefit by using HD video cameras to record the game first, and break down the scoring after the fact.

ProFile is not the first company to come to this conclusion, there are several companies that will receive the video you shoot and break it down for you, but how much time and effort does that put right back on you the coach or parent? Some services like hudl use iPADs to film and still expect you to do the video recording, uploading and tagging in the evening. Most tournaments we have been to end at 8:00 pm or 9:00 at night. And we are beat! We imagine the last thing you want to do is watch video and tag it late into the evening.

So wherever there is high desire for something but low desire to do the hard work – that spells opportunity. So ProFile became the company that will do it for you. We shoot…and we score! The value of the ProFiles, the shot charts, stats and also providing the full-length video was an instant hit!. Admittedly the first few tries was a bit rough. We totally underestimated the time it takes to process and upload that much HD video. The first experience was a one day shoot-out hosted by Justin Peterson of Just4hoop’n and Revolution Sports. It took us a week and a half to turn around those first videos and score the games. We learned a few things and made some modifications to our process and the next one only took 48 hours to post all the videos and a few days to score all the games.

We now have turned to Go-Pro Cameras that shoot in HD with smaller files sizes. We can now start processing right at the games and a tournament that ends on Saturday can now get all the games posted by Sunday evening. Then we hired more statisticians and got them trained to shorten the time to do the score-keeping. Our turn around time continues to improve. The goal is that you will have your game video and your shot charts displaying in your Athlete’s ProFile by Wednesday practice so your coach can use it as a teaching tool to adjust his strategy and work on improving your game for the very next weekend.

Sure there is competition in everything, but no other service provides the score-keeping, the ProFile pages along with the shot charts, and stats that load into your Micro-website automatically and shoots the video for you. We are all in, and no one makes you look so good as ProFile Sports.

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