The Story of Billy’s Dad

Once there was a boy named Billy. Billy, like hundreds of thousands of other boys, loves basketball. He taught himself how to dribble and practiced shooting foul shots with the backboard and basket his dad installed over the garage door for hours – every day after he got his homework done. Some of the best times were playing one-on-one with his father when he, every once in awhile, would get home early from work. Billy’s father didn’t even go inside to change first. He would set down his briefcase, Billy would throw him the ball, and they would go at it until Billy’s dad was drenched in sweat right through his work shirt. They wouldn’t stop until his mother had called them in for dinner – twice.

His father played a little ball in high school, and had even made his varsity team. But that was twenty years ago and Billy’s skills were improving to the point where he was really giving his dad a game. Billy’s passion for the game grew more intense. Billy’s father felt that his son really could develop into a promising player but he was privately a little concerned that he didn’t have much more to teach the boy, nor would his job allow the kind of time Billy desired. Billy’s father started thinking about finding a recreational team or maybe some private coaching for his son. Maybe the Y or a Club ball team?

Little did Billy’s father know that three short months after that notion had crossed his mind that their lives, the lives of his entire family, would be centered around basketball for years to come. There was the practice, and the try-outs and the tournaments. And the SHOES! Crimany! He hadn’t remembered basketball shoes being so expensive! But then there was the uniforms and the dues and then travel…

It seemed like every holiday there was a basketball tournament going on somewhere. In a few years his family couldn’t remember taking a family vacation that did not involve a dozen sweaty boys and a basketball. But Billy’s father also knew that in a few more years he would be looking back at these times, and wishing for them all over. He was very proud of his son, and Billy really was becoming an excellent basketball player.

With the help of his Club ball Coach and some private lessons and thousands of hours in the driveway shooting foul shots before dinner, Billy had become a skilled and confident player who had earned the respect and friendship of his teammates.

Some of the boys have played together on the same team for a few years now. And Billy’s dad couldn’t help but compare his son to the other boys with growing pride, and he sometimes wondered if all the trophies and plaques might one day equate to a little financial help in the form of a college scholarship? He knew in his heart that his son was probably not that top 2% of athletes that might expect to get a full ride, but he just wondered if his son might have a shot at playing in college? He certainly works hard at it.

Billy’s dad was a realist, and he had been saving for Billy’s college education almost from the time Billy was born. But with the economy the way it has been, and the hit the market had taken a couple of times, well that college fund just wasn’t quite as fat as Bill’s dad would like. He was looking as high school looming large on the horizon. Before you know it graduation day will be here and then what?

Now Billy’s father knew that he should be doing something more than paying for Billy to play in showcases and travel tournaments in the hope of getting some looks from college recruiters. He needed a way for his son to stand out and get noticed. He thought there must be something more he could do. But he was at a loss. He did not earn any kind of scholarship to help with his own education. The path was unclear. Billy’s coach was supportive and encouraging, but he was always so busy.

Several of the parents from Billy’s team had been feeling much the same and some of them pooled their resources to pay for a company to shoot some video of the boys. They told Billy’s dad that a highlight video was essential. That and a video of Billy’s best game. (but who knows when that is going to be?) And don’t forget good grades! One of the older boys from last season was an amazing player. No one could believe when he was passed over, and did not even get a chance to play in college. They said he was a “non qualifier” because he just didn’t have the grades. Thankfully Billy takes after his mother in that department and has always been able to hold a B+ average in school so far. Billy’s father was quite confident that his son would not be a non-qualifier, but he wasn’t sure that an academic scholarship was in the wind either.

Then one day at a basketball tournament he noticed a table with a video running and some people standing around it. “I wonder what they are selling?” thought Billy’s dad. Seems like everywhere you turn at these things there is another “something for basketball” that Billy absolutely thinks he needs. So Billy’s dad hung back and just kind of listened, not wanting to catch anyone’s eye, so as not to get sucked into a sales pitch. But then he heard the man say something about “it’s all about YOUR athlete, no ads, no thousands of other athlete Profiles to weed through” and something about video. He remembered that video is absolutely essential. So he took a step closer to have a look.
And it was pretty impressive. ProFile Cover page The interface was very professional looking and the image featured a portrait of an athlete – large in center screen with a lot of detailed information about him to the left. In his mind’s-eye he could visualize his son’s picture in the center of that screen, and his stats being displayed. The man was talking about how Billy’s stats get pulled in automatically after every game. Verified Stats Everything a College coach or recruiter could need to evaluate Billy’s skills is all right there in a convenient bundle – including his verified grade point average? How do they do that?

Billy’s dad was about to find out how easy it is to promote his son to colleges with his own Athlete’s Profile from ProFile Sports. He punched the web address into his phone just to check it out, and all it wanted was his name and email. So he figured why not? A few clicks later he confirmed his email and could see this simple five step form to fill in about Billy. No problem there, he knew all the answers; height, position, name of team etc.

Then he came to the Athlete’s Athlete History Section History section and thought…

“Oh no, I don’t know how to write a decent biography”! But the template that the thing offered was easy to follow, he just changed all the example info to be about Billy. “That was easier than I thought. OK, what next?” Oh a place for action photos for the media.

Action Photos for the Media

Yah, I guess some parents wished more kids would control what is released out on the internet about them. And what’s this? A place for that video we made. Excellent!

Video Highlights

That’s it? Now what do I do?

Well, the guy said to just include a link to Billy’s URL in a letter of interest to college recruiters or to schools that are interested in Billy. It’s like a mini website all about Billy and his basketball career, but it has his academic achievements, his “intangibles” (the other stuff Billy is interested in) like his archery and the volunteer work he does with his youth group at church. This is pretty neat! And for just $14.99 a month I might just keep it as the official record of Billy’s basketball career – for bragging rights.

It tracks him no matter where he plays. It even adjusts his age when he has a birthday. Keeps his high school scores, his club and travel ball stats, all together with really cool shot charts from every game. When Billy’s father showed him the completed ProFile, Billy was thrilled! He thinks it makes him look like a big deal! And he checks it all the time. He can’t wait to see his shot charts after the games. He can see every shot he attempted or made. And now he does updates himself in seconds with the phone top icon, he adds photos, updates his videos. All the kids on Billy’s team have a ProFile now, because their Coach uses the score-keeping app that comes with the system. It tracks everything – just like the pros. I guess that’s why they call it Pro File, yah ProFile Sports.

If you have a basketball player that loves the game like Billy does, and you want to help him or her earn a college education with the assistance of an athletic scholarship, or promote them to the next level in their sport, ProFile is for you.

Shot Charts

ProFile is a great learning tool too. It helps athletes see their record and shot charts to improve as a player, to better understand the fundamentals and why coach is working with them on certain aspects of the game in practice.

Affordably priced and professional quality. Get yours at:

Tell them Billy’s dad sent you and you’ll get the first month for free. (Just kidding). Everyone gets the 30 day trial, so there is no reason not to give it a shot.

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