Awarding the winning teams.

MLK Classic

When you think of a basketball tournament, you might think of High School or even College level. But what if I told you it starts way younger than that? Yes, let’s not forget that it all starts during your elementary years. Those years of discovery, but nowadays the competition is fierce, and that is what we here at ProFile Sports witnessed the weekend before Martin Luther King day. The kids were off from school and it was a great opportunity for a tournament.

We teamed up with Just4 Hoopin, to be “the official digital scorekeepers” as well as get an opportunity to educate players, parents, and coaches on how ProFile Sports LLC can help further the careers of student athletes, especially through the competition displayed during the MLK Classic.

It is never too early to build a bio page with statistics integration for coaches and recruiters to follow you. As an athlete, you put in hard work to improve skillfully, you might as well create a professional resume to attract scholarships.

The team here at Profile Sports did not anticipate the growth of this tournament to expand to three courts, so we could only keep scores for the main court. We learned quickly how to make things run more smoothly in the future, and it was nice to see coaches appreciate the value of what we do, and how the shot charts and in-game stats we generate can help them. We want to thank all of the teams who will be signing on for our program. Congrats to the champions: Team Arizona (11U), Gilbert Monsters (12U), AZ Power Select (13 U), AZ Stars (14U), & APEX Black (14U)! More information can be found Here for photos and a recap of the final scores.

If you are interested in completing a FREE Bio page, don’t hesitate to log on here. We hope to see you at the Presidents Day Challenge Feb. 13 – 14 a great way to spend Valentines Day too, if you love basketball! We are looking forward to more partnerships in 2016!

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